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Congratulations! Now everyone can read the astonishing review from Audio-specialist Magazine “HiFi & Musik”.
You only have to understand Swedish!

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Here are some cabinets that is trowelled and painted,

Here are some cabinets that is trowelled and painted,

Rauna is truly crafted by hand in Sweden. We do almost everything inhouse.

Vale “on parade”. With drivers and feet mounted.

Vale “on parade”. With drivers and feet mounted.

Outstanding review of both Vidar and Vale models

Swedish magazine “HiFi & Musik” reviewed Vidar and Vale in their July/August number 2019. The result was nothing less than an enormous success! Both rewarded as “Great buy” and “Vale for money”.

Frontpage with nice Vale in the “corner”!

Frontpage with nice Vale in the “corner”!

We have translated listening experiences from the test.


“Love accured at the first tones, as the Vale played generously and with great scale in a way you could not believe just looking at their modest size, The rich and flowing, almost sensual sound was a contrast to the speakers rough surface (Tested in concrete version - our remark). The best of all: The bass! The little 2-way design could sluggle precipice and totally rocksteady bass as if it was an extra bassdriver hidden in the box somewhere. Really impressive imponator sound!

Here was also an almost furios explosivity and resilient attack will, that not only got us to sharpen our ears but also inexorably drew us in to the music. It is all about snappy and tight timing, where the heavy and resonance dead cabinets gives the drivers a rocksteady foundation to brace from.

We had problem to tear us away from these speakers, not only playing above their size but also way better than their price-range.

The same also applies for their even smaller (bookshelf) model Vidar, as in practice sounded as a downscaled Vale. Not the same depth of course and not with as big and dramatic appropriation as the Vale, but also with a warmth and fulness, and also with an impressive purity and precision in sound.

We have probably never heard such a small 2-way design with such a full scale, uniform and clean sound as Vidar in this pricerange. In other words: Really good value for money.”

Mats Meyer-Lie, HiFi & Musik nr 7/8 2019

Also remarkable good measurements in the review.
Vale: “Exemplary good frequenzyrange“. The impediance is very gentle. It is never under 7 Ohm.
Vidar: “Almost same linearity as Vale”. The impediance is also very gentle. It is never under 6 Ohm.

This means they are accurate and very easy to drive!

Success at HiFi-show

The new editions of Vidar and Vale was displayed on the HiFi-show Sweetspot in Sweden spring 2019. The cheapest played loudspeakers reproduced among the best sounding performances.

The Swedish magazine “HiFi & Musik” claimed that “Rauna probably was the most talked about in the enire show”.


New website

As part of introduction of the new Vidar and Vale models we released this new homepage. We hope you enjoy it,